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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trade With DocHoloday: PC Additions (Milestone Included), Dirtbags, and A Man Named Julio With A Beautiful Signature.

I completed my first trade with Matt from DocHoloday. I spotted some needs and wants from a trade bait post of his, and we had a deal in the making. In exchange for a couple of Sox relics and some random BoSox - which you can see here - Matt sent me a couple of hits and some great PC additions. But he didn't stop there, as he basically sent over team sets and near team sets from a bunch of different releases. I can't possibly scan them all, so I'll scan the hits and the major PC gets.

I love that Julio Teheran has such a legible and clean signature. I've sorta been after one of these for some time, and I don't really know why. But I'm happy to have one, and if I ever decide to not be so interested in owning it, I doubt I'd have trouble sending it to a good home or flipping it should Teheran live up to the big potential he has. Cracking that stacked Braves rotation is probably his biggest obstacle.

This is the second Weaver Lineage 1975 Mini Relic I have, and they're slightly different from one another in the makeup of the jersey swatch. I really, really, really dig these Lineage mini relics. Job well-done Topps.

Next up on the docket, a new and awesome Russ Martin. I love die-cuts, and this is a really great design. While I've been fortunate enough to land a number of sweet Russ hits, I still need plenty base, parallels, and inserts of the former Dodger backstop, so I'm always happy to add one or more via trade with you fine folks.

A Longo RC! Always pleased to add a card of one of the greatest Dirtbags to have ever laced 'em up. Love the action shot and the design. Double whammy.

A pair of nice additions to smaller PCs. I'm a BIG Heyward fan (the amount of injuries he's had to already deal with is ridiculous) and I have high hopes for Lee and the rotational depth he'll add when he debuts and sticks in the show.

Kemp! Kershaw! Matt sent me five new Mattys and three new Claytons, all very much appreciated. The Kemps bring me to 150 unique cards on the dot, and the Kershaws push me over the 110 unique card mark. Sweet! The Kemp/Ethier is the Target Throwback version with the sweet umbrella logo and cardboard back.

And finally, some awesome randomness, because I found them to be awesome. The Jansen, like the above Kemp/Dre, is the Target Throwback version. The "rookies" of Jerry Sands, Rubby De La Rosa, and Javy Guerra are awesome.

Much thanks Matt! I look forward to many more trades in the future!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed them Greg! I'm glad the Dodgers extras went to a good home too. Thanks again for the awesome trade!