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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Golden Representation of Matt Kemp's Gold Gloves.

I was able to knock off a card from my theoretical, non-existent want list of cool cards through the always reliable eBay. It's a great card to begin with of my main man Matt Kemp, but when you add in that it's the gold refractor parallel /50, well, it jumps to a whole new level of awesome.

Numbered 03/50, I scored this beauty for $4.74 shipped. It's one of my favorite Bison cards, as he climbs the wall to snare a deep drive to center. The line on the back through "An NL" is on the actual card itself, and I don't recall seeing it prior to scanning the card. Not a big deal though, when it comes down to it.


Speaking of great Dodger outfielders, there's a sweet contest going on over at Cards Beyond Oceans, where they'll be giving away a Duke Snider hit! Check it out!

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