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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kevin Love and Ryan Mathews: A Tale of Cheap eBay Pickups.

I scored three sweet jersey relics from my LCS's eBay store for bottom of the barrel prices. First, the two newest additions to my Love and UCLA PCs:

#'d 244/249, this ran me $1.25 with the free shipping associated with local pickup that I've come to adore. The fat line of stitching is just nails, especially on the purple swatch. The card itself is just well-designed in general: a great action shot of Kevin and a nice-sized and colorful swatch surrounded by a great red background.

For $0.99, I scored the above swatch, numbered 003/199. Bonus points for former Sun - and one of my all-time favorite basketball players - Shawn Marion making a cameo. I'm a BIG Matrix fan.

Finally, the most beautiful color there is, powder blue, from the Chargers' third jerseys. The Mathews was a cool 99 cents and clocks in at 86/99.

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