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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cause You Win Some and Lose Some (Contests), Sandra Bullock: A Few Thank Yous.

Some thank yous are in order. First up, Derek from Tomahawk Chopping - Cardboard & More! held a contest, and I was one of a number of winners. My prize is the massively sweet die-cut Shawn Green jersey relic below. The design of this 2002 Fleer Focus Kings of Swing relic is just amazing. Many thanks Derek (and many more to follow)!

Next, Brian from 30-Year-Old Cardboard held a contest, and the randomizer spit my name out. My prize is the below relic. Thanks for the great contests and the awesome prize Brian!

Next up, my third contest success from the great Andrew over at Sports Card Info. He holds at least a contest a week, and I was fortunate enough to pick up this sweet on-card auto of Flyers' defenseman Erik Gustafsson. His signature reminds me somewhat of the John Hancock of former Flyer, current Duck, and Plaschke favorite Luca Sbisa. Gracias Andrew!

Continuing on, another contest win over at Jaybarkerfan's Junk netted me the below graded rookie card. Jon, Colbey, any interest? Thanks as always for your generosity Wes!

Penultimately, Sam over at The Daily Dimwit held a sly contest that involved reading an entire post of his. I did, and was the first to correctly answer a trivia question which asked how many no-hitters Nolan Ryan threw in his career. My prize is a partial set of 2012 Topps Prime 9 Redemptions. I don't have nearly enough Babe Ruth cards, so the Great Bambino is staying with me. The rest are up for grabs though (on hold temporarily, however, as I'm about to offer them to someone). Thanks Sam!

And finally, the aforementioned Derek sent me a few singles simply because he's a generous dude. No contest involved with this package of cards. First up, a new Kemp and a new Kershaw; it marks my first 2012 card for Kemp, and second for Kershaw.

Also included in the bubbler was a smattering of player collection cards, from Long Beach State Dirtbags to a Chrome J-Hey to a Cole Hamels. Man, Hamels on the Dodgers next year would be sweet. Kershaw, Cole, and Bills. What a dreamy rotation that would be....

Thanks again to all of the above-listed great bloggers!


  1. If you don't find a taaker for the Mantle, I'd be interested...

  2. I am disappointed there is no Sandra Bullock in this post.

  3. Where's my Sandra Bullock!!! Just kidding...