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Monday, February 27, 2012

An Adrian Beltre Autograph Yields A Trifecta.

After examining my collection, I realized I was missing a few cards that would really be great additions. One of those was an autograph of the second best third baseman - and best man defensively at the hot corner - in franchise history, Adrian Beltre. After a few misses on eBay, I was able to land the sweet signature below.

On-card! Always an appreciated touch. I scored the Beltre for $7.01 shipped, and after it arrived, it hit me that this pickup served to complete my latest Trifecta.

The above bat relic was an LCS pickup from their eBay store, and is hand-numbered 4/4. I really love some of the old Fleer releases, and what an appropriate name for a set featuring bat pieces: Lumberjacks.

The above rookie was acquired in a trade with Night Owl some time ago. The effect the chrome has in making Adrian seemingly pop off of the card itself....awesome.

Another Trifecta in the books, and one I wasn't even attempting to put in said books. I think that makes it a bit sweeter and a tad more enjoyable.


  1. Nice completion of the trifecta! I think all three cards are nice, but I think that Lumberjacks 4/4 is the best of the bunch.

  2. I love those old SPA on-card autos.