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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Trade With All Your Base Cards Belong To Us: I Believe In A Thing Called Love

I completed my second trade with T.J. of All Your Base Cards Belong To Us. T.J. posted some contest winnings and said they were available, and I jumped quickly on the two jersey swatches he had up for trade. In exchange for a pair of Patriots relics and an Edgar Martinez hit, I acquired these two new additions to my collection.

My fourth Kevin Love hit, and it's numbered 159/499. A Love autograph is a MAJOR priority moving forward.

And finally, my second Grant Hill jersey piece, and it's numbered as well, 225 out of 499. Fortunately, both of my Hill hits have color to them (the other is pictured below), which is always a positive. T.J. seems to be my one-stop shop for Love and Suns hits, which portends well for future transactions, I do believe.

Thanks for the trade T.J.! Hopefully your cards have already arrived, and I look forward to trading again!

Tomorrow (or the day after, I haven't quite decided yet) is a big day at this here blog!

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