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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trade With drewscards: A Russell Martin Rookie Autograph I Desperately Needed.

I completed my first trade with Drew of drewscards. Drew posted some pickups from his trip to the White Plains show I've read so much about, and one card in particular stood out to me, just calling my name. I inquired as to its availability, and offered up a replacement signature in its place. Drew kindly obliged my request, and the below beauty is now mine!

Numbered 033/185, this sweet 2005 UD SPx Russ rookie sig marks Martin Autograph # 23. Drew picked it up because with Martin now a Yankee, he needed a Russ auto. I was able to replace the above with a Russ minor league auto I had a duplicate of, and I'm so happy Drew was willing to part with a card I know he liked simply because it fit well in my budding Russ SuperCollection. What a mensch, this Drew is! I also sent a pair of Jets relics to the East Coast to make up the difference in the Russell signatures. As an aside, I've never seen Russ with the number 70, and honestly didn't know he wore it at any point. Shame on me.

There was one more card involved in this trade, and after spotting it in Drew's trade bait, I immediately thought of the best home for it. That home is not my own, although if Dennis doesn't need it, I'd have no problem keeping the above Jake Long patch due to the fact that it's awesome and uber-patchy. The patch, numbered 39/50, ran me a C.C. relic and a Steve Garvey relic Drew needs for his Garvey Trifecta.

Drew also looked over my Want Lists and sent nine new additions to help me as I chug along with 2011 Ginter (seven base, one Animal in Peril, one Hometown Hero). I'm down to just six base cards to complete '11 Ginter, plus a handful of assorted insert needs!

I sometimes feel like a young pup in this great card blogging community of ours, but Drew makes me feel like an old man, what with him being in high school and all. Which, of course, makes it all the more impressive that he runs a successful and entertaining blog with great post after great post. Thanks for the fantastic trade Drew and the awesome Martin, I truly appreciate your generosity and willingness to part with it to help a fellow collector out!


  1. 1. Very nice Martin auto
    2. RE: the Long: love it, want it, need it!

  2. 1. Gracias!
    2. It shall be set aside in your pile with the rest of the cards I have for you. Which is probably 5 or so now, and awesomeness abounds amongst those cards!

  3. Glad you liked the Martin and that I can help your friends collection as well! Great trade!