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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aaron Rodgers Discount Double-Checks Four Rookies Into My Collection.

Not gonna lie, I love those Discount Double-Check commercials. All three of them. I think the Clay Matthews one might be my favorite, just because of how down Rodgers seems with the whole phenomenon and how nonchalant Matthews is when Rodgers questions him. Anyhoo, moving to cards, I picked up three Rodgers Rookies for about the price of a blaster after tax. I was fortunate enough to score three of the better Rodgers Rookies, if my minimal football card knowledge and quick bit of internet research and COMC searching has not misled me in that belief.

I made my move after the Packers fell to the Giants, thinking that Rodgers' cards might see a small dip. Granted, I have no point of comparison because I hadn't checked out these three particular rookies prior to the game, but I feel I got a pretty good deal on all three. I'm a huge Rodgers fan, and the Pack were my favorite team growing up, and are now my third favorite team, basically in a tie with the Colts for that number two spot. Rodgers is not the reason they lost, and I fully expect the Packers to be Super Bowl contenders for the next decade plus. Here's a quick look at each rookie pickup.

First up, Rodgers' 2005 Upper Deck Rookie Premier Platinum Parallel RC.

The seller sent a note with the card, apologizing for the delay in getting the card to me. It wasn't anything that I was worried about or had even really noticed, but he also sent along something other than the note. An unnecessary gesture, but entirely appreciated and awesome. A free Aaron Rodgers 2005 UD Rookie Premier RC! Hence why the title of the post says four but I wrote three earlier in said post. Both seem to have a bit of edge/corner damage in the lower left, but it's cool. I didn't buy 'em to flip 'em, I bought them because I'm a huge Rodgers fan and love that I can say I own rookies of one of the greatest QBs playing, and a future Hall of Famer.

Next, we have his 2005 Topps RC. Not terribly well-scanned on my part (a pretty poor job scanning all of them, actually).

And finally, we have a 2005 Score Glossy A-Rod RC. Not sure if this is what being diamond cut is, but it's miscut in some fashion. All-in-all, I'm thrilled to add these four sweet cards to my collection. I'm aiming to grab his Bowman RC eventually, and the above RCs bring me to two-thirds completion on a Rodgers Trifecta. All that's left is the auto, which I won't even attempt to snag for a long time.

Oh, and this post would not and could not be complete without the great commercials.

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