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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Failed eBay Coup.

I stumbled upon a Russ Martin relic I did not have, and was able to land it for just $2.79 shipped. It's a "triple" jersey relic that spells out LAD, and is numbered 95/99. Ordinarily, that sort of deal would be kosher. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.

The Martin arrived packaged in a non-ideal way, and I'm sure that is the reason the card has creases everywhere. And I'm not exaggerating; there are too many creases to count, as the card looks like it has lightning bolts over the entire front of it. It doesn't show well in the scan, but the top of the "A" and bottom of the "D", for starters. The seller refunded me my money and didn't demand I return the card (again, why should I be forced to spend time and money correcting someone else's mistake?), and for now the card will serve as a placeholder until I can upgrade it.

I'm off to play kickball, followed by watching the Ducks tonight.

Classwork too, I guess.


  1. I will never, for the life of me, understand why people do that. Top loaders, padded envelopes and team bags are the bare minimum for a $1- card or a $1,000 card. Make sure your feedback reflects his awful packaging habits.

  2. It happens too often on ebay. Hopefully you find a replacement soon.

  3. How frustrating. Now that he's refunded your money, what kind of feedback do you leave?

  4. I had that happen with a protected card once. A Maddux jersey I bought was in a PWE but toploaded. Still something must have crushed it enough along the way. Good seller to refund you like that, though.

  5. Bummer... glad the seller refunded you the money and let you keep the card.

    I would have been upset had I spent $2.79 for a card... then have to spend $1something to ship it right back.

    Maybe you should join the club and start a damaged card collection... this would make a great first piece.

  6. Thanks gents.

    I left the guy a positive feedback simply because he promptly refunded me, but I made sure to say that the card arrived damaged and I needed the refund.

    Fuji- I collect too many different players as it is haha, can't add another collection on top of that. Although I do have two badly damaged Martin relics....