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Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Predict There Will Be Many Golden Moments In Chad Billingsley's (2012 and Beyond) Future.

I picked up a lot of two Chad Billingsley hits - both from 2012 Topps Golden Moments insert set - off of the Bay in early February for $6.51 delivered. I was happy to pick up both of Bills' hits from 2012 Topps at once, and didn't mind that the auto was in the form of a redemption. I quickly redeemed the signature, and it arrived in my mailbox two days ago.

Yes, it arrived with some edge chipping (the top, might be hard to see on the scan - blow it up, should help). It's not a huge deal considering I collect Bills, and the card won't be leaving my collection, but it would be nice for Topps not to send me a damaged card. Oh well. On the positive side, this is now the second redemption they've fulfilled in about a month's time. Major props for that. I've currently got three redemptions out with Panini, so hopefully I'm as fortunate with that turn-around time as I've been with Topps.

The jersey piece is easily my favorite of the two, as that powder blue originates from the Dodgers' 1940s throwback unis they donned last season. I was and am a big fan of those, and I love me some powder blue generally speaking.

I seem to remember the feelings around the various card blogs we frequent being mixed on these Golden Moments relics and autos, but I really dig them. I'm short the Matt Kemp auto and bat piece at the moment.


  1. I just got my Bills redemption in also. I need to pick it up from the card shop.

  2. I love love love the jersey card. That powder blue piece is sick!

  3. Spiegel- Nice!

    DB- I was so stoked to see this was powder blue. Grab yourself one!