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Friday, March 16, 2012

Trade With Life and Baseball Cards: A Potpourri of PC Pickups.

I completed my first trade with Charley - better known as lonestarr - from Life and Baseball Cards. Charley sent me a huge bubble mailer full of great cards. Though I'll only be scanning my favorites, everything he sent is much appreciated.

First up, a new Russ Martin hit. This will go very well with the red parallel /180 and the sick patch /25 I already have from '09 A Piece Of History.

Next, an awesome new Kevin Love hit, and it's numbered 152/249 while featuring two full lines of stitching and a third partial line. It's got two wonderful things going for it on top of all of that: it feels really patch-y, and it's a bright purple. Colorful swatches are the best swatches.

My first Amare hit! Serial-numbered 221/499, this sweet two-color patch puts me two-thirds of the way to a STAT Trifecta. I'm short the auto. Eventually, it shall be.

A BCCG 10 of Chargers' running back Ryan Mathews. I have high hopes for Mathews, so this funky piece makes for a cool addition to my small collection of Mathews cards.

A slew of PC cards checks in as the penultimately scanned goodness. I love the Love/Westbrook dual, as well as that all three Love cards picture him in his UCLA uniform. Charley added three Kemps, three Kershaws, and two Martins (three when you include the relic high above) to my main PCs. I now have 130 unique Kid K cards and 191 unique Russ Martins.

And finally, some random awesomeness. The Mathews Platinum RC is a massively thick card.

I'm putting together a package with Charley's end of the deal, and I can't help but feel like Sheldon Cooper: whatever I send just won't be enough.

Thanks for the great trade Charley! I hope you enjoy the cards I'll be sending your way!

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