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Saturday, May 12, 2012

When Card Prices Skyrocket....

I posted recently about a Matt Kemp 2005 Bowman's Best Silver Parallel RC #'d /99 that I picked up for roughly 9 bucks during the offseason. I was really thrilled with the deal I got, and I knew it should have gone for more. What I didn't know, however, was just how good that deal would end up being, as I did not foresee the swift rise in the price of Kemp cards of all kinds that has begun in recent weeks.

An auction on May the second for the same card out of 99 came to a conclusion, and the price left me astounded and all the more happy with my coup. The eBay Kemp sold for an astonishing $102.51 plus shipping, for a grand total of $104.76.


That's why I live by one philosophy when it comes to cards: if I see something I would really love to add to my collection, and it's able to be had for a great price, grab it and don't look back. Good deals shouldn't be passed up, plain and simple.

$9ish, or over a C-Note?

Pretty easy in my eyes.


  1. Kemp prices went crazy. I am glad that I bought some of his cards before he blew up nationally. Also, get well brother. See ya at Fan Fest!

  2. Do not buy in a seller's market.

    I got most of my Kemp rookies during 2009, 2010 when almost no one cared. I'd never buy one now.

  3. Spiegel- Thanks man, see ya there!

    N.O.- Right there with you.