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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Mayans Didn't Predict This Would Be 2012's True Purpose.

Another post recapping another great deal on a Ryan Getzlaf autograph. Some people see 2012 as the year the world ends; I see it as the year of affordable Getzlaf Graphs. This baby comes from '11-'12 Donruss Elite "Elite Materials," and I think Panini did a great job, though there happens to be plenty of room to make that sticker an on-card signature.

Numbered 21/25, the jersey has a couple of thick seams running through it, and for just $10.50, it's a great addition to my Captain Getz PC. Another copy just sold for over twenty bucks, making me even more appreciative of the deal I landed.


  1. Dude, seeing the awesome Getlaf hardware you have been able to get your hands on for such a great price, almost makes me wish I wasn't such a big Sidney Crosby fan. Almost.

  2. haha, Crosby stuff is crazy expensive.