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Friday, June 15, 2012

Piazza Pimpin' + Vital Draft Update.

Some contests Mike wants to pimp as he kicks back and enjoys the day. Read on for the draft information....I'm such a tease.

Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid asks what you would do with the Stanley Cup if you had it for one day. Having won it alongside Ryan Getzlaf and the rest of the Ducks, my day would be oh so simple. The Cup, Kate Upton, Alison Brie, Erin Hawksworth, and myself. Clothing optional.

Fuji's first challenge is to discuss our history with flea markets. I've personally never sought out collectibles at one - or even been to one, as I recall - but after seeing some of his finds, it's definitely something I want to try in the future. To go to a flea market with no real expectations of finding something of value (whatever your definition of value might be) and then leave with some sort of treasure must surely be a great feeling, and one I hope to experience eventually.

Number 5 Type Collection is holding a contest with some vintage as the prize. Check it out!

Bass on Balls is holding a cool contest that demands a bit of participation, so give it a look!

And finally, my wrist has healed enough, so the draft will commence next week! There are still spots open, so come and join us!

Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale tonight at the Ravine. Should be an excellent one!

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  1. Who can think about flea markets... when you're posting photos of hot chicks. Thanks for sharing!