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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Bison Freebie, Paying It Forward Style.

The below card was sent to me for no reason other than its sender knew I would love it and it would make a mighty fine addition to my Matt Kemp Collection. It's part of some kind of Pay It Forward Program amongst us wonderful bloggers. You know, like the movie.

Except Haley Joel Osment doesn't die now that I've posted the card.

Yeah, that's totally the only difference. It's numbered 101/400 and also features swatches from Jeff Francoeur, Chris Young, and Adam Jones. I'm a big fan of these multi-player relics out of Upper Deck's Ballpark Collection releases from yesteryear.

I'm keeping the note, but paying it forward at some point. Keep an eye on your mailbox, everybody whose address I have.

And thank you for sending me this great PC addition, person who sent me this great PC addition! You know who you are, and I appreciate the thought!


  1. wow. what a great card and a fantastic concept !

  2. Greg, I haven't bought a baseball card since I was a kid and I'm considering starting up collecting again. Looking at what's out there right now, the collection I find the most interest in is the Allen & Ginter stuff. It's the only set I think I'd be interested in obtaining cards for non-Dodgers players, as well. So, since I have never purchased cards as a true collector, are there any pointers you'd have for me or recommendations on where or how to start? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks! Wil

  3. Hey Wil!

    I'd definitely suggest Ginter as your first set to undertake. It's a lot of fun, has great variety, and at three hits per box with some really great Dodgers pulls available and the chance at some big hits, it's definitely worth it. Plus, it's easily the most popular set around the blogs, so there are countless opportunities to trade with people.

    I'd also suggest picking a player or two to collect. It's a great way to narrow down your focus and not be too spread out at the start. Perhaps one current player and one retired player.

    eBay has been a great help to me, as have forums like Sports Card Forum. And of course, trading with bloggers is a fantastic way to enjoy the hobby.

    Hope those help, and if you have any other questions, ask away!

  4. Thank Greg!

    I researched pricing today and found 3 different 2012 types of Ginter items. They are a Hobby Box ($74.95), a Blaster Box ($19.99) and a Jumbo Box ($89.99). Based on what the quantities appear to be in each, I'm noticing the cards are $0.42 each in the Blaster and Jumbo sets and $0.52 each in the Hobby box which seems like the one most shops carry.

    Is there a difference on what you get in the Hobby Box? It appears to me that maybe some of the key collectible cards are only available in the Hobby boxes, but I'm not 100% positive on that, just guessing based on some of the descriptions I've read.

    Didn't wanna go spend extra cash if the other 2 sets are a better value, but on the flip side, I don't wanna miss out on the best collectible cards if the hobby box is the only way to get them.

    The shop down the road from me is supposed to get some hobby boxes tomorrow, so I think I may go buy one and break it open, if that's the way to go.

    Also, if it's not too much trouble, what do you recommend for protecting the cards with? Sheets vs. sleeves? Ultra Pro brand or another?


  5. Blasters don't guarantee anything in terms of hits, whereas a hobby box has the guaranteed hits and more cards in general. I've never actually heard of a jumbo box for Ginter, but I know of them for other products.

    If you're interested in putting the set together, go with the hobby box. If you're just looking to get some cards and have a bit of fun to test the waters, a blaster might be the better route only because it's cheaper.

    But still, I'd say hobby.

    In regards to protecting them, if you're putting together the Ginter set I'd go with the Ultra Pro 9-pocket pages. For more important single cards (hits, favorite cards of players you collect) you can go the penny sleeve + toploader route or - for the really valuable and important ones - a one-touch magnetic. The toploader/magnetic debate is really just about personal preference. I've got a mixture of the two.

    Hobby boxes provide the most variety, especially with a product like Ginter.

    And if you can get a hobby box for $75, jump on that fast! That's a great, great, great price.

  6. Nice, thank you Greg. I really appreciate all the excellent info. I'm gonna pick everything up today. Luckily I was gifted money for my birthday instead of actual gifts, so now I can splurge a little and get the Hobby Box! I'm gonna take your advice about collecting a couple of specific players but I will wait to see what I get in this first box before making up my mind on that. Thanks again! Wil

  7. No problem Wil! Happy to help. Let me know how the box goes and what you pull!

  8. Haha! I opened up the hobby box and got a Brian Wilson Relic card...the antithesis of a Dodger.I really disliked him when he was going well, so it was kinda funny that he'd be one of the biggest cards I'd get. Actually got quite a few Giants cards. The other big ones were a Bob Knight Relic, a Daniel Bard Auto and a Ken Griffey Jr. Box Topper.

    Lots of good cards from the base set, my favorites so far are Kershaw, Koufax, Ethier, McCutchen, Bryce Harper, Ruth, Gehrig, Mattingly, Verlander and Trumbo. Tons of Yankees in this box. From the WIN set I pulled a Duke Snider, Konerko, Mattingly, Gwynn Sr. & more. Got a Smoltz and Ozzie Smith from the BH series.

    Some of my favorites came out of the Minis. Federowicz, DiMaggio, Braun, Heyward and Nolan Ryan all look great. From the non-baseball related cards I got a 1 WTC (which was kinda cool to see), Meadowlark Lemon, Richard Petty, the always hot Kate Upton and more.

    I couldn't comprehend prior to opening how many cards there really were. Now that I see it all laid out, I've definitely got some work to do to fill out the collection. I really like all of the cards, they look great. Definitely glad I made the investment and look forward to working on this and other sets.

    As far as players go, I think I'm gonna focus on Snider and Robinson, and then maybe Kershaw and Kemp from the current Dodgers. Maybe Hanley now that he's a Dodger. But I'm just gonna stay focused on the Ginter sets and see how far I go with that before branching out at all. I shoulda picked up a pricing guide while I was there to keep myself in check with any online purchases cuz I keep finding myself looking over all the Auto/Relic cards online. Prices seem really reasonable for the most part, looks like it'll just be a matter of finding a group of cards from one seller to keep shipping costs down.

    Thanks again for the help. I will keep ya posted on any future breaks. I'm sure I'll get the itch for another in the not too distant future. Have you started collecting 2012's yet? Didn't see any on your want list.

  9. Autos are pretty damn tough pulls in hobby boxes, so congrats on that! Sounds like a pretty solid box overall!

    mmmm....Kate Upton....

    wait, what I was saying? oh yeah, some excellent selections on the players to collect.

    and yeah, I busted my box of Ginter, just haven't sorted through it yet and gotten a want list up. but I know I'm collecting the Base + SPs, Historical Turning Points, the mini Military Leaders set, and probably a couple more.

    and please do keep me posted! we'll have to get a trade together at some point, I have plenty of Kemp/Kershaw doubles.