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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Clayton Kershaw-Justin Verlander 1/1.

Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander won the NL and AL Cy Young Awards, respectively, in 2011. They both had truly dominant seasons as they whiffed batter after batter and put their teams in a great position to be successful on the days they pitched. Panini paired them for a relic card in the Timeline set found in their 2011 Playoff Prime Cuts release, which hit shelves in 2012. Let that sink in for a moment. Anyways, the card looks like this:

And I'm thrilled to add it to my Kid K Collection. Two single-color swatches and an unlicensed product might not do it for most, but I always love picking up a new Kershaw hit - this makes 29 - and adding in Verlander just makes it sweeter. It has a great old-timey feel to it in terms of the design, which I very much enjoy. Here's the back, for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, it's an eBay 1/1, as it's numbered 22/99, with 22 of course being Clayton's uniform number. My title was misleading, I know. Such is life. The card ran me $4.50 delivered.

Each and every time.

Especially when I see another copy - the one numbered 01/99 - sell for $35.59. Seriously, there are 99 of these, and they feature simple jersey swatches. I would never pay that much, not even if it was the Kemp/Kershaw dual up for discussion.