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Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Tough Ryan Getzlaf Dominion Get #'d /10.

This is the second card of the Ryan Getzlaf Dominion lot I recently posted on. That patch numbered out of 10 and this Sapphire Auto - also numbered out of a scant 10 - ran me a blaster, perhaps a dollar or two more, as the price alludes me, having won this lot in early 2012 or late 2011.

Numbered 10/10, it's a fantastic addition to my Captain Getz PC. I've been after a second copy, and come close once or twice, but alas, fell just short. One day I hope to add another of the remaining nine.

Being able to snatch both Dominion /10 cards for the price of a blaster was a major coup, and a steal I'm very grateful to have secured. The remainder of what I need to complete Getzlaf's Master Set from the inaugural Dominion release can be found here.

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