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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Clayton Kershaw Limited On-Card Auto? It's A Great Day Indeed.

Some people are deterred by unlicensed and aesthetically-unappealing cards. I am not one of those people, especially when the card in question is a very reasonably-priced and on-card autograph of one my favorite players and one of the game's elite hurlers, Mr. Clayton Edward Kershaw.

Numbered 67/99, I was able to snag this baby off of eBay some time ago. The card pops way more in-hand, and above all, the beautiful and BIG on-card auto sold it for me. This marks Kid K auto number 19 in my Texas Two-Stepper PC.

This is my second card from 2011 Panini Limited, as I also have the above relic.


Arno said...


Roy-Z said...

Dear MLB,

Please give Leaf and Panini a license to put logos on cards.

They're so much better than Topps.


Dennis said...

Congratulations! Always great to get an on-card auto of a favourite player. Good stuff!

Greg Zakwin said...

thanks guys!

Roy- I'd definitely like to see what they would do with the chance. There would certainly be a lot more on-card autos, at the least.