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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When I Bought This Card, Half Of The Players WERE NOT Dodgers. Oh Look, It's My 200th Kemp!

Matt Kemp cards are getting pricey, so when an affordable one is available, I can't jump on it quickly enough. This particular addition brought along a few friends that are new to my collection and otherwise wouldn't be in it if they weren't sharing a card with The Bison. Oh, it also happens to be my 200th Kemp!

Shane Victorino is a guy I don't hate, like a lot of Dodgers' fans do, but he certainly seems to be an irritant. Oh, and he's been god awful with the bat this year after a career year in 2011. So glad we gave away actual players to acquire him. Yadier Molina's bat, on the other hand, has really perked up in the last year or so and has aided in his 2012 campaign thus far checking in at a 6.5 WAR campaign. If "Gloves" seems like a weird thing for Topps to promote, it's only weird because you're seeing it without the below partner in crime.

Adrian Gonzalez needs to start hitting with some amount of consistency. Preferably in 2013 and beyond. Ryan Zimmerman is a guy I've always liked, and this is my second relic of his. I'm still in need of an auto. Jimmy Rollins....meh. That 2007 MVP should have gone to David Wright. Or any of like six other guys not named Jimmy Rollins.

Back to the title though. Through the magic of Ned Colletti's Bright Ideas, this card went from my favorite Dodger and five dudes to half of these gentlemen donning Dodger Blue. I'm apathetic to the whole trade thing, really.

Regardless, my first true Matt Kemp booklet - and booklet of any kind, with the exception of a mini Kemp/Justin Upton T206 booklet - for the price of a blaster? Yes please, and it's numbered 22/27 to boot. Click to embiggen to get a better look at the whole thing as one, since this card displayed on this blog, in the way I have it set up, just appears far too insignificant. The scan above is the seller's, which is cool, because my concern at the moment is finding a way to both house and display the card at the same time, if at all possible. I feel like I've seen one-touches/screwdowns big enough to hold the card while it's open. I think....


  1. Sick booklet Greg! I need to get my hands on one of those.

  2. Sweet card! Congrats on Kemp #200. That's at least 200 more Kemp hits than I have!

  3. Nice card, a bit much for my taste, but it still looks cool.

    The 2007 MVP was Matt Holliday period. That was the third time a middle infielder with lesser stats stole the MVP from a Rockies slugger.

    1995 - Larkin over Bichette
    (not absolute but close)
    2000 - Giants 2B over Helton
    (absolute theft)
    2007 - Rollins over Holliday
    (never understood this one)

    The 2000 one was the most egregious by far and I still will not allow his name on my blog. In the rare times when it comes up he is listed as Nameless Second Baseman