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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Gorgeous Getzlaf Cup Winners Auto.

I seem to see a lot of cards nowadays that I know I need to add to my collection after first blush. Call it love at first card sight. This was, as you'll shortly see, one of those obvious cases. I may have overpaid by a couple of dollars, but to ensure its place in my Captain Getz PC, it was worth every penny.

Or loonie, for our friends to the Great White North. Numbered 65/99, the fantastic beaut you see above comes from 2011-2012 Panini Limited, and hails from the Stanley Cup Winners subset. It's just a fantastic job of card design and color coordination, as the silver on-card signature works so amazingly well on the black and glossy background. The scan doesn't do it near enough justice. It pairs exceptionally well with the non-autographed version I have of the card, which I posted on back in July (#'d 15/199, to his number baby, woo woo).

Man, I love Limited and new additions of the Getzlaf variety.


  1. Huge fan of card companies having athletes use silver sharpies on dark (especially black) backgrounds. Beautiful card.