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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Rainbow That's Missing One Color.

I was finally able to pick up a card I've had my eyes on for months, and it only reinforced how long it'll take me to actually complete this unique rainbow. For about five or six bucks, the newest Russell Martin for my collection arrived via eBay, complete with four lines of sweet stitching.

If it looks at all familiar, that's because it's my fifth of these All-Star Game relics. However, it's my first of the five to feature a tan swatch. As the title alludes to, it leaves me one shy of the Martin rainbow for the set. That one, however, is the Platinum Diamond Parallel /60 with a tan swatch. I may have once seen one on eBay, but I haven't even sniffed one in ages. It would look mighty fine with the above and the below.

Hopefully, one day I'll complete it. Hopefully. If anyone comes across the tan swatch /60, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. There will be a nice finder's fee for such an occasion.


  1. Two things:

    Is there a patch version? The your rainbow is going to end up doubly-refracted.

    Also, you seem to have a knack for not missing out on auctions on ebay - do you used the saved searches function?

  2. Never seen a patch version, I'd be surprised if one existed.

    And yeah, I used the saved search function to its fullest, and with one particular search I check about 10-20 times a day haha.