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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trade With The Sandlot: PC Additions Galore, Plus Ginter.

I completed my third trade with Joe from The Sandlot. You can check out the first here and second here. Joe hit a few different areas of my collection with the bubbler he sent my way. First up, a beautiful white refractor of Russell Martin, numbered 043/200.

Next up, a new Matt Kemp from Topps Triple Threads, and it's numbered 1406/1500.

Joe included a sweet Eric Gagne from his starting pitching days, which is awesome.

The bubbler also included some more new additions to my Kemp and Martin PCs, as well as a pair of Kershaws I didn't have.

Joe sent along nine needs from 2011 Ginter, all hailing from the Hometown Heroes 100-card set, which is dangerously close to finally being completed, as I'm down to the final four. He also later sent a PWE my way with two 2012 Ginter needs (one SP and a What's In A Name? of J-Hey) as well as another new Kershaw (2009 UD Signature Stars), which is much appreciated!

Finally, some random goodness.

Thanks for the great trade Joe! I'll get your cards out soon!

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