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Monday, November 26, 2012

A Masterful Masterpiece of Chad Billingsley.

I'm a HUGE Chad Billingsley fan, and though he's perhaps the most polarizing Dodger of the last decade this side of Jonathan Broxton - I leave out Juan Pierre because the love for him was insane to begin with - I don't judge him on body language or any garbage like that. His stats speak for themselves, and he's been a very good pitcher over his LA career, and one of the most underrated Dodgers in recent memory.

His 2008 UD Masterpieces Stroke of Genius on-card auto has been on my must have list for some time, and I was finally able to land one for a great price - six clams delivered - after an eBayer accepted a Best Offer I submitted. Masterpieces is a product you can't not love, and I'm always happy to add a Bills' auto to my PC.

With a career 3.66 FIP, almost 8 Ks per game, and two seasons of ~4.5 fWAR (his 2012 was on the way to eclipsing 4 fWAR before his elbow gave out), I for one am always happy to watch Chad toe the rubber. A bobblehead of the Defiance, Ohio righty is long overdue, and hopefully his rehab continues to progress smoothly and he can avoid Tommy John surgery.


Arno said...


gcrl said...

bills should get a 'bobble-thighs'. his legs are huge. gigantism, maybe.

Spiegel83 said...

Hey! The only argument I have against Bills is that I hate his body language and his sad face. Hahaha!

The Dutch Card Guy said...

The Masterpieces set is still one of the nicest sets made in the last decade in my view, great card !

Greg Zakwin said...

thanks gents!