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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Dominion Well May Be Running Dry.

I was able to land yet another Patch /25 from 2010-2011 Dominion of Ryan Getzlaf. I paid more than I wanted to, but with only roughly half the print-run left to chase after, I know I'll have to let a few more dollars get away each time one of these makes itself known.

Numbered 18/25, it's a sweet two-color Prime piece with stitching, a nice-sized seam, and some black sweater thrown in for good measure. This newest addition to my Captain Getz Collection takes me past a milestone point, as I now own 11 of the 25 patches in existence.

One of the remaining 14 was lost in the mail en route to me and another has been difficult to pry away from an SCF member who collects a very narrow part of the hockey card world and has stopped answering my messages.


  1. If someone from Panini was reading your blog, they would put out a Getzlaf set of all relics. You would keep the company is business for a decade trying to collect them all.

  2. Dominion is pricey per box, impressive getzlaf collection i do say so

  3. Jeff- haha, I could always review Panini products on the blog as well. hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge.

    Brad- thanks! and yeah, I'd love to break a box one day just to have that feeling of busting a crazy high-end product, but singles of Getz will suffice mightily.