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Friday, November 9, 2012

Trade With All Trade Bait, All The Time: A Dirtbag On-Card Auto and Some Random PC Goodness.

I completed my first trade with Oscar from All Trade Bait, All The Time. He posted an auto I knew didn't fit into his collection, as he and I are both Dodger fans. A few e-mails later and we worked out a great deal. The gem of the swap for me:

My second Jered Weaver autograph, and it will be a most welcome addition to my Long Beach State Dirtbags PC.

Oscar also knocked off a pair of my 2011 Ginter needs, leaving me one card short - AOM 8 - of the Ascent Of Man subset. He also sent along 5 new additions to my Kemp and Martin Collections. The Martins bring me to 230 unique cards of the former Dodgers' backstop.

And finally, some Jerry Sands and other random goodness. As I mentioned recently, I am still in fact collecting the former Dodger.

Thanks for the great trade Oscar!

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