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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trade With sportscardfreak: A Milestone Getzlaf Dominion Patch.

I completed my fourth trade with James, who traverses the SCF Hockey Boards under the name sportscardfreak. You can review our first deal here, second swap here, and third trade here. We trade in twos, and as a part deux for yesterday's post, here is part two.

I was able to pry this sweet two-color Prime patch from 2010-2011 Dominion out of James' collection. Numbered 20/25, it's my tenth such Getz patch /25 from the inaugural release of Dominion, and it cost me a hockey on-card auto and a football rookie jersey swatch.

Thanks for being willing to part with this card James, my collection and I appreciate the wonderful trade!


  1. When you get all of them, dig the patches out and assemble them into a super patch!

  2. I have to wonder how close you are to an entire jersey's worth of cloth...

  3. Dennis- So tempting, but I don't think I could ever actually do it haha.

    Roy- A shoulder's worth plus half a nameplate and number? Haha....