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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Getzlaf Logo Patch, Had For A Song.

I picked up an absolutely sick patch of Ryan Getzlaf from eBay for a steal a while back. The price was just too low to not bid, on top of the fact that it's numbered out of a scant 25 (07/25) and features a beautiful logo patch of the Ducks' Captain.

Phenomenal. For just $8.50 delivered, my newest Getz was had. It features four colors and a FAT piece of logo from the front of a Ducks' sweater, right above the large "DUCKS." It's either part of the "A" or "H" in Anaheim, and after some deliberation I have concluded it could only be the aforementioned "H."


  1. Ok, seriously, at this point I think we need to pull a Mojo Beard and combine our blogs into one, then every other day, the posts can feature Ryan Getzlaf or Rich Hill. Half the work for both of us!

    Nice patch, by the way.

  2. haha, "The Rich and Ryan Experience!"

    and thanks! by the way, I have SOOOO much more Getz to post. picked up a few magnetics today so now I can scan in and post on some of the even better stuff.