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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Going Hollywood.

When two of my favorite players are featured on the same card I always want two copies so each PC can house one. That's not always possible though, particularly in today's world of a bajillion parallels, many of which are very short-printed.

A perfect illustration is this 2009 Topps Triple Threads Triple Relic with jersey swatches from Matt Kemp and Russell Martin sandwiching Manny Ramirez. It's numbered out of a scant 18 - 09/18 in my case - and is the emerald parallel. I'm not likely to come across another copy and certainly not for the price I paid (~10 clams). It's headed for my Bison PC, as he's my number one priority. I have no idea when Kemp and the Dodgers wore wool throwbacks, but whatever.


Jesse said...

Sick pickup! Maybe they wore those during Spring Training?

Roy-Z said...

Damn, you get some good deals. Whenever I stumble across Kemps they always seem much more.

Fuji said...

I'm thinking Topps screwed up and used a swatch of #42 for Mr. Kemp. Okay maybe that's just wishful thinking. Cool card regardless.

Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks gents!

Jesse- Maybe, but after scheduling the post I also realized I have no idea where the black Russ and Manny pieces are from. :o

Roy- eBay has been a great friend to me indeed haha.

Fuji- Oh, don't get my hopes up!