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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Cornerstone of My Trevor Bauer PC.

I've been after a Trevor Bauer auto for quite some time, as he's one of the best prospects to ever come out of my Alma mater, UCLA. While I really wanted his signature, I wasn't after just any Bauer John Hancock. I've had one in mind since first seeing it and becoming aware of its existence, and after many months, I finally took the hard-signed plunge into the blue beyond.

Numbered 16/99 and featuring the most awesome inscription on a card I've ever seen - "kgang" - it hails from 2011 Leaf Draft and is the blue parallel /99, which is apropos considering Bauer was a Bruin. The beautiful blue hue of the background shows up much, much better in the scan than it does in-hand.


  1. Sweet! Rough 2012 aside, I think he's gonna be really good. I wish players I collected were in Leaf Metal Draft since those look like fun cards to grab. Anyway, I think you made a good investment there.

  2. You took your time and hunted down a good one. Nice Bauer auto.

  3. thanks gents!

    Dennis- I love Leaf stuff. On-card FTMFW.

  4. And now he's an Indian. Can't believe the D-Backs gave up on a guy this talented so quickly, but their loss.

  5. Dennis- Agreed, but what's more shocking is that they got SO LITTLE in return.

    The Indians gain indeed.