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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An Awesome Kevin Love Auto Completes My Mr. Double-Double Trifecta.

Kevin Love is one of my favorite basketball players. His skill set, UCLA roots, and the fact that he was a really nice guy when I met him a couple of years ago all add up to a collection of one of the game's elite. I've wanted his signature for some time and I was finally able to knock that card off of my Bucket List for just $13.50.

I still want to track down a John Hancock of Love in his UCLA gear (Press Pass is my target considering it'll be on-card) but for now this will more than suffice. The rest of my Trifecta - as well as my in-person Love 8x10 - can be viewed below.

The colorful relics, each numbered out of 99.

The '08-'09 Bowman Blue RC /499.

And finally, the sweeeeeet signed 8x10.


  1. I just started getting back into basketball last year when Ricky Rubio was hyped up everyone's butts. Living in the Twin Cities, I've been able to watch a fair number of Wolves games. It's a shame that Love will miss out on a good portion of this season. Damn knuckle push-ups. ;)

  2. Yeah the Wolves are an exciting bunch when healthy. Definitely a playoff team next year if Love and Rubio stay healthy.

    Also, I hate regular pushups so I can't imagine doing them on my knuckles haha.