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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Super-Short-Printed Getzlaf Auto For Under Half A Blaster.

While I consider myself a SuperCollector of Ducks' Captain and centerman Ryan Getzlaf, I don't expect to ever acquire all of his cards or even all of his non-1/1 hits. However, when a good if not great deal is staring me in the face, I can't help myself and can't let it pass me by.

Such a mindset is how I came to acquire the above '08-'09 UD Black Diamond Gemography Auto. I had only seen one or two on eBay before and the price was a large Buy-It-Now of $80+. One copy even sold for $73.50. The above, however, randomly appeared one day with a BIN of $9.95 with free shipping. I thought for a few seconds and then couldn't wait to hit the BIN button. It's a really well-done design (the sticker blends in exceptionally) and is apparently super-short-printed.


  1. Definitely a nice design, and you're right about the sticker blending in well, I like that. There's one for the UD naysayers!

  2. Nice score, I totally agree that when you see something like that you have to pounce on it quick. Imagine the remorse if you delayed and someone else snagged it for that price!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Dennis- The sticker is even less apparent in-hand.

    sbl- Oh yeah, I'd hate myself beyond belief haha.