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Monday, January 7, 2013

Trade With 2 by 3 Heroes: Bison Hunting With Captain Getzlaf - I Prefer My Turkey Red Rookies Black.

I completed my second trade with Jeff from 2 by 3 Heroes. Jeff posted a couple of Matt Kemp cards that my collection was without, and even though I still have no idea what I'll be sending his way, he was kind enough to agree to part with the Kemps and some other assorted goodies.

First up is a fantastically sweet card I didn't even know existed. I already had the base and white border versions of Matty's 2006 Topps Turkey Red RC when I saw Jeff post this black border parallel, and I knew I had to absolutely have it. The black border parallels seem quite rare and I would imagine they are the most short-printed parallels of the set. Yet again, the scan doesn't do it near enough justice.

Jeff had some retail fortune and pulled a nice Kemp relic. It is now mine. I WANT ALL THE BISONS.

Moving away from Kemp, Jeff let me know this Ryan Getzlaf '12-'13 UD Artifacts Team Canada parallel, #'d 190/999, would eventually find its way to me. And now it has. It's my newest Captain Getz.

Thanks for another awesome trade Jeff!


  1. Nice Kemps! I love the Black Turkey Reds myself, even if they're a bit of an oxymoron.

  2. Thanks Dennis! And yeah, black cards are just awesome, really hard to beat a black border.

    The thrill of adding the Kemp Turkey Red was even higher considering before Jeff posted it I was oblivious to its existence haha.