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Friday, February 8, 2013

Gimmicky 1/1s Are Still 1/1s

I came across an interesting 1/1 of Ryan Getzlaf at the end of 2012. I didn't expect to win but as so often happens the high bid when I saw the card was too low for my liking. I put in a small bid and it ended up holding up as the card became the newest addition to my Captain Getz Collection.

My fourth Getzlaf 1/1 is a gimmicky Spring Expo 2012 1/1 that was had for $6.59 delivered. The card hails from '11-'12 ITG Captain C and was originally one of 90 copies of the Silver parallel prior to its Expo stamping. It marks my first Expo 1/1 of the Ducks' centerman.


Roy-Z said...

Are there not many Getzlaf collectors out there? You seem to be getting an uncomfortable amount of steals of them.

Or maybe his market just plummeted, like Ricky Romero's, with a less-than-stellar last season.

Of course, Romero pretty much puked up 2012, Less-than-stellar would have been a compliment.

PS I have a stack of cards looking to head to sunny California...

Greg Zakwin said...

There are actually a surprising amount of Getz collectors.

I just troll eBay too often haha.

And I know! I'm still looking to see what I have that might entice you.