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Saturday, February 9, 2013

One-Touch Worthy?

I picked up a really cheap triple relic of three of my favorite Ducks recently and got my hands on the card yesterday. I rarely post pickups this quickly after receiving them but perhaps the times, they are a changin'. From the Authentic Fabrics Triple subset of '12-'13 SP Game Used comes this awesome hit of Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan, and Jonas Hiller.

I love that the Getz sweater swatch is by far the best of the bunch with its bright orange color (from the third, alternate sweater) and four rows of stitching. The seller actually sent this card - which ran me a grand total of $2.30 shipped - in a one-touch, which is pretty cool. I of course dropped the card immediately upon taking it out of said magnetic, but thankfully the card is no worse for wear.


  1. Sweet card! I just did the exact same thing the other day...got my end of a trade in a one touch and proceeded to drop it as soon as I opened the case. Guess we're not used to it lol