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Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Pitch To Be A General Manager.

My Fantasy Baseball Home League held its annual draft this past Wednesday. Below are my selections for our 8-team head-to-head league which features a $20 buy-in, lots of roster spots, and good times had by all. As the title of this here post alludes to, I'm saying I could do a better job than Ned Colletti. Hire me, any baseball team, pro or minor league.

1. (8) Joey Votto 1B
2. (9) Clayton Kershaw SP
3. (24) Evan Longoria 3B
4. (25) Jason Heyward RF
5. (40) Yoenis Cespedes LF, CF
6. (41) Yu Darvish SP
7. (56) Craig Kimbrel RP
8. (57) Zack Greinke SP
9. (72) Madison Bumgarner SP
10. (73) Brett Lawrie 3B
11. (88) Michael Bourn CF
12. (89) Chase Utley 2B
13. (104) Carlos Gomez CF
14. (105) Ike Davis 1B
15. (120) Kenley Jansen RP
16. (121) Greg Holland RP
17. (136) Mike Moustakas 3B
18. (137) Brian McCann C
19. (152) Tom Wilhelmsen RP
20. (153) Josh Reddick CF, RF
21. (168) Andrelton Simmons SS
22. (169) Pedro Alvarez 3B
23. (184) Jesus Montero C
24. (185) Brandon Belt 1B
25. (200) Marco Estrada SP, RP
26. (201) Oscar Taveras RF
27. (216) Alex Rodriguez 3B

So there's my team for this season. Happy with it, wished I had been able to draft a couple of guys I always get, and overall looking forward to another enjoyable fantasy season and baseball starting back up.

I'm off for a day/night filled with kickball and Tri-Bond.

Happy Sunday everyone.


Fuji said...

I'd hire you. The hot chick with the glove was an excellent selection.

Greg Zakwin said...

haha, thank you sir! I'm glad you appreciate my judgement!