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Monday, March 25, 2013

Who's On Your Collecting Coat of Arms?

Cards limited by print-run pose an interesting situation for player collectors. We want them, of course, but also realize we may never possess them. Maybe one or two pop up, and then the question becomes whether to shell out what's necessary to lock it down or risk it passing you by and never coming across another again. One of the cards that fell into this category - of Ryan Getzlaf, but of course - recently appeared after a long period of absence and thankfully ended in my favor.

Numbered 04/10, it's a BEAUTIFUL Coat of Arms four-color logo patch from 2011-2012 Panini Crown Royale. I had only ever seen one copy available and it was months and months ago, probably over a year ago by now. I didn't know if I'd ever find myself in a position to acquire a copy from this fantastic set that features sick, sick patches. Patience paid off, however, and in more ways than one. Another copy eventually surfaced and I snagged it for the price of a blaster, which is less than the first one to hit eBay went for.

The patch comes from the interior of the "D" on the front of a Ducks' sweater, as indicated by my wonderful artistic skills which are on display in the above photo.


  1. I paid wayyyyyy too much for a few Tangradi short prints that I have acquired but that's what we do. It's the circle of (card collecting) life.

  2. In all serious, dang that's a beautiful card.

  3. Sweet! I love your MS Paint artwork almost as much as the card, great stuff.

  4. Arno- He's my GOAT.

    dfg- I feel ya haha. When you've gotta have it though you've gotta have it.

    Roy- I KNOW BUT "DUCKS FOOT UCKS" doesn't have the same ring to it. And thanks!

    sbl- Gracias! And you should see my stick figures, a thing of beauty.