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Monday, May 13, 2013

Lost In Transit.

I've had a pair of eBay purchases over the last handful of months never arrive at my doorstep. Upset, I am, as you might imagine. Here are the three cards that encompassed said purchases.

Damn. This would have instantly become one of my favorite and best Matt Kemps. If I recall correctly these were redemptions; either way, they don't pop up all that often. On top of that, I got a tremendous deal on it. Everything about the card is perfect: on-card auto, a high-end product, a fairly scarce print-run, and a great picture of Matty. Not to mention the combined shipping the seller offered, which led me to tack on this next card.

Which I would have done regardless, considering how awesome it is and how much more of an insane deal I got it for. The only one of these Russ Martins I've since seen went for around $20 bucks or so, maybe more. I had temporarily acquired the above for under three George Washingtons. USPS received the shipping info but the package never made it from Kentucky to SoCal. I was refunded my money, and all I can do is hope it one day arrives. What exactly is the point of tracking if the packages in question so often don't show up on tracking?

Perhaps the biggest steal, monetarily-speaking, of the three. $10 delivered netted me this sweeeeet Martin All-Star Triple Patch beaut, numbered 6/9. The seller was even in L.A. and offered local pickup. I tried that route but he refused on the basis of a "busy schedule," even though I offered to meet him at any time and at any location in Los Angeles. He eventually offered to just mail it my way but quickly got back to me, saying he couldn't find it and probably had mailed it to another buyer on eBay accidentally. Refunded yet again.


After writing this post up a couple of weeks ago, I'm pleased to report one of these situations ended with a positive outcome, hence why this post has resided in my Drafts folder for a while. Find out which transaction ended in my favor tomorrow.


  1. Hope the Kemp arrived, great card, love these on card Tier One auto cards !

  2. "Meet me in Compton, come alone, wearing nothing but a Sunday dress and carrying a 6-pack of Tecate. Then you can have your Russel."

  3. I truly hope the happy ending involves Mr. Kemp ;-)

  4. Hope you get your card someday. I hate bad sellers on ebay. I know how you feel. Got a great deal on silver variant Ethier bobblehead and after auction he said it got broke. Week later it was back on ebay with a higher starting price than my winning bid. Bastard

  5. Here's the answer gents!:


    Dutch- Tier One is fantastic!

    Roy- haha, touche.

    Fuji- The happiest of endings.

    Penguin- Fuck that dude. Liars, I hate 'em.