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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday, Kate Upton!

How did I miss this yesterday?

For shame, Greg Zakwin. For shame.


JediJeff said...

We suck as stalkers. I think Kate has every right to give us spankings for forgetting.

I will go first.

The Dutch Card Guy said...

thanks, one of your better posts so far this year !

night owl said...

Yes, for shame. Your fake wife has fake cheated on you for fake forgetting her birthday.

I'm sorry I have to tell you this, but she fake cheated with me. And, well, now she's my fake wife.

Greg Zakwin said...

I'm so disappointed that third pic isn't loading. It was a good one.


Jeff- In this situation, I am quite alright with seconds.

Dutch- Haha, thanks!

N.O.- She'd only fake be with you because we share a name. :o

GCA said...

Well, in that case, let me jump in the pool of G-money hubbys

tim paine said...
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