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Friday, June 7, 2013

Trade With Sportscards From The Dollar Store: A Getzlaf-Centric Trade Not Centered Around Ryan.

I completed my first trade with Douglas from Sportscards From The Dollar Store. Douglas, one of our neighbors to the north and a true buddy, friend, and guy, sent me a slew of new and amazing Getzlafs, but the trade centered around someone other than Ryan Getzlaf, my main hockey squeeze.

Who is this Chris Getzlaf, you ask? He's the older brother of Ryan and plays for the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the CFL. Douglas went out of his way to purchase this card from Chris' website for me and have it shipped to him before sending it to California. He went above and beyond, and I greatly appreciate it!

Now, on to Ryan. Here's a sweet quad relic from UD Black with all four swatches encased in the card. The orange sweater piece is a great touch to spice things up.

A nice patch/sweater combo numbered 06/35. I'm not so sure UD understands "patch" here, unless that piece of sweater came from the interior of one of the numbers or the Captain's C itself. If it's the latter - and I certainly hope it is - then HOLY CRAP YES YES YES.

This is my second of these 2010-2011 UD Artifacts Dual Sweater relics, numbered out of 150 (086/150 for this second copy). It's a well-designed card so I don't mind having a second copy.

My first hit of two-time former Duck Joffrey Lupul, and it just so happens to be from his time as a Mighty Duck, which makes it even better. This was a nice surprise when I popped open the bubbler, as I was unaware it was headed my way. It's numbered to boot, clocking in at 0143/1200.

I'll never turn down base cards of The Captain, as I don't seek them out otherwise. This entire trade gets the Getzlaf Seal of Approval (h/t Chad for the .gif):

Thanks for the fantastic trade Douglas, I appreciate you going above and beyond to help me land a sweet and unique addition to my Getzlaf Collection! Enjoy the cards headed your way and I look forward to more deals in the future!


  1. What is the orange swatch from? Minor league uni? I don't recall orange in any of the Duck primary or alt uniforms.

  2. I was really surprised they didn't offer an option of stateside shipping for the Chris Getzlaf card. The Riders fanbase is rabid, even moreso among former Saskatchewan residents.

    Anyhow, I'm really glad you like the goodies. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled for other Getzlaf/Ducks hits. Ducks don't seem to be in much demand locally.

  3. Jeff- Orange stripe at the bottom of and on the sleeves of the home sweaters they started wearing in '06-'07.


    Douglas- You Canadians and your kooky shipping choices. :o

    And thanks for keeping an eye out, I appreciate it!

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