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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lava Flow: Bison and Kid K.

I wish there were more cards that paired Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw together. My two favorite players and two main collecting interests are the faces of the franchise, and cardboard should reflect that more than it already does.

My newest Matt/Clayton combo hails from the Team Pinnacle subset of Panini's 2013 Father's Day release. It's the Lava Flow parallel and though it isn't numbered, it's apparently got a print-run of 25 or less. It was had for a paltry $3.04 shipped.

The back is a nice action shot of Kid K minus the lava flow design from the front.


  1. Nice pickup. I grabbed a Cutch "lavaflow" Fathers Day studio card for around the same price.

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  3. Thanks guys!

    Brian- Congrats on the Cutch addition! And I e-mailed you back a week or two ago.

  4. Nice.. I like these 2 players too...