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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nick Offerman's Shirt Lands In My PC.

I added yet another hit to my Parks and Recreation Collection, and it's one I've had my eye on since the checklist was released. Ron Swanson is my favorite character on P&R, so nabbing a swatch of his shirt was a must. After losing numerous auctions, I finally succeeded.

This goes oh so well with the Nick Offerman auto I pulled from my box of Parks and Rec. It was had for just $6.75 shipped and the shirt piece has great color and great feel to it. The shirt was worn by Nick in Episode 2 of Season 5. Plus, that 'stache.


  1. Hey Greg, wasn't sure if you had seen my email about our Dodgers/Braves trade. Have you gotten it? Thanks.

  2. Fantastic. I feel like there should be a show-used mustache hair woven into the fabric.

  3. Chunter- E-mail sent.

    Dhoff- Thanks! And YES. I would put down mad cash for that haha.