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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Beautifully Beat-Up 1957 Topps Roy Campanella + Shipping Horror Stories.

I recently picked up another vintage piece to my Roy Campanella Collection. For just 74 cents plus $3 to ship it, this 1957 Topps Campy can finally be stricken from my needs list. It was so cheap, of course, because the corners have all been cut.

I may one day look to upgrade, but it's not a necessity. The seller received neutral feedback for his more than shoddy shipping method of putting the card - without a penny sleeve or toploader - into a folded piece of paper and a PWE. All of that hard work is what the three dollar shipping cost netted me.

Remember kids, presentation matters. So, what are some of your shipping horror stories from eBay pickups, trades, and the like?


  1. I can honestly say that PWE's scare the #$%^ out of me when I receive them. If they are actually packaged correctly, I generally get over myself but no penny sleeve?? No toploader?? $3 for shipping?? If they didn't specify that in their description or shipping information, I would have done the same thing.

    My worst experiences with shipping by far have been the "disappearance" of items. I lost 2 extremely hard to find cards for one of my player PCs this way. One I had to escalate to the Ebay Police because the seller accused me of keeping the card and trying to get my money back to cheat them.

    I get the costs of shipping are high but not that high. I just received a single card, in a penny sleeve, in a toploader, in a bubble mailer. They shipped it for 99 cents (which was printed on the label). Shipping charge was $3. Needless to say, they got a lower rating on shipping cost too.

  2. i've had a few unexpected pwes but no real damage as a result. i do complain when that happens if i have paid more than a buck for shipping and the auction didn't mention pwe.

    the worst, though, are the cards that don't show up. one card (i don't remember what it was) was written off a little too quickly by the seller as 'sticky fingers' at the post office. pretty sure it was never shipped.

    i am currently in tracking limbo with a key card that was shipped and left lehigh, pa on august 4th. it hasn't been tracked since.

    love the 57 campy. it is one of my favorite cards in my collection. top 10 probably.

  3. I won an auction on Listia that had free shipping. I had to go down to the post office to pay 95 cents postage due.

  4. Digging that Campy, corners or no corners.

    Ugh on that $3 shipping tho.

    I've been lucky with PWE's from ebay.
    But those have been free shipping, so I take the chance.
    For $3, that seller got off easy with neutral feedback. You're a nicer guy than me, Greg.

  5. Rare foreign card - taped directly to cardboard backing.

    Beautiful vintage HOFer in a one-touch holder shipped in PWE - the holder cracked in shipping and the card got a big gouge. Went from a likely PSA or BVG 8 to a 2.

    Several serial #'d cards of a player I PC - postage due note showed up in mailbox. Post office never found them when I went to try to pay postage due.

  6. My worst experience was as a seller, when I sold bunch of Heritage duplicates to a person just up the road in Wichita. The package disappeared for a week, then showed up in Los Angeles and San Francisco before finding its way to Wichita. Showed up damaged, too. Ended up just writing the whole thing off and giving a 100% refund.

  7. Have received a couple big bubble mailers with bundles of cards inside that were sandwiched with top loaders, but the tape was too weak and broke, leaving the piles to fall loose in the envelope. Only bent a couple corners, but I asked if I could contribute to the team bag fund...

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