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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I've received a few PWEs over the last handful of weeks, and decided to showcase them together after lagging and not getting them properly written up and not getting the proper thanks out to those in need of thanking.

Mark from Collector's Crack sent me this awesome new Matt Kemp. Though my scanner hates this Day Glow Orange parallel from 2013 Topps Archives, I love it. It's much more orange and a lot more aesthetically-pleasing in-hand. Thanks Mark, and we all look forward to your return to blogging!

Douglas from Sportscards From The Dollar Store sent along a "feel better" PWE after Bobby Ryan was dealt to the Ottawa Senators during this offseason. I received new Captain Getzlafs and a rookie, numbered 514/999, of Jakob Silfverberg (acquired in the Bobby deal). Appreciate the Getzs Doug!

Finally, Jeff from 2x3 Heroes sent along a pair of white envelopes, and the above three are my favorite cards from the bunch. Thanks dude!


  1. I figured you like that one. I didn't see it on your Kemp list. I've got about another week of field work and then I'll be back to a more regular schedule.

  2. I do! Thanks again amigo! And woooo, you shall return soon.