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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Matt Kemp and Russell Martin Printing Plates, Had On The Cheap.

A while back I came across a seller on eBay with a couple of must-haves for my collection. I landed both and did so for just $17 shipped.

First up, a sweeeeeeet Matt Kemp 1/1 Yellow Printing Plate from 2007 Upper Deck Series One. It's just my fourth Kemp plate, and hopefully more will follow.

The second was one I was surprised to land, considering this Russ Martin 1/1 Cyan Printing Plate from 2012 Topps Mini Baseball Online Exclusive features Russ as a Yankee and there are a lot of Yankees' collectors, of course. Anyhoo, I'm happy it slipped by all of them. It's my 11th plate of the former Blue Crew backstop.


  1. Nice pick ups. Maybe it's the contrast in colors, but it doesn't even look like Kemp. Haha. Also, Russ Martin looks kind of like Ray Liotta

  2. Gotta agree with Arno that Russ looks like Ray Liotta. I wonder if he could have pulled off the "Are you crazy Karen?" moment from Goodfellas like Ray did.

    Anyway great new additions to your PC.

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  4. Thanks gents!

    Arno- Yes and YES. It took me some time to convince myself it was Mattycakes.

  5. Damn you, now I have to get more plates. Congrats on getting two of your faves, especially a player as great as Kemp. And I'm still happy to see a player like Martin having a pretty solid season outside of the Bronx.

  6. Dennis- Haha, I AM WINNING. And thanks!

    But at least we can both agree on Upton/Brie '16 ;)