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Monday, August 19, 2013

Meeting Corey Seager, My Favorite Prospect, For The First (Of Many) Times.

When I found out that top prospect Corey Seager had been promoted to High-A Rancho Cucamonga early in August, I knew where I'd be on some of my off days in the near future. I made the trip last Thursday - wooo, nearly three hours in traffic - with some pictures and a used Cal League baseball and hoped for the best.

Corey signed after finishing his pre-game routine, and as fate would have it the pen I had died the moment he started to sign my picture. There are few words to describe that feeling when you see your pen die after nearly three hours in traffic. Thankfully, he was really cool and willing to wait while I dug out another pen, and as I was doing so another fan let me use his. He included his number 22 as well, which is awesome. I attempted to get Corey again after the game, but I just missed him by the tunnel and he slipped out of the clubhouse through some secret exit.

All in all, a great experience meeting my favorite Dodgers' prospect. I already plan on going to a couple more minor league games this year and some next year if Corey's in Rancho again, which I think he will be.


  1. been meaning to get out there and get his signature. Was thinking the 31st. When are you heading out there again?

  2. haha, thanks dude!

    going to an away Rancho game this week, and probably back to Rancho on the 25th or 26th.

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