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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Trade With Too Many Verlanders: Rare Rosens, Getzlaf Dominion, KempKershaw

I completed my fourth trade with Dennis of Too Many Verlanders fame. You can check out the first here, second here, and third here. It has been over a year since Dennis and I swapped cardboard, but our trades are always epic no matter the time between their consummation. This transaction was no different, as Dennis sent me some awesome stuff that required extra work on his part that is much appreciated.

A new Al Rosen I had never seen before finding it on COMC! Woooooo! This 1949 team issue photo is a fantastic and unique addition to my Hebrew Hammer PC. Everything about this is just so damn beautiful and perfect (minus the incredibly racist Indians' logo which somehow still exists to this day).

A second brand spanking new Rosen team issue! This baby hails from 1953 and features another great shot of Al. It's a truly classy pose from the should-be HOFer.

You know a trade is phenomenal when a Ryan Getzlaf '10-'11 Dominion auto doesn't find itself leading off. Numbered 32/50, it's my eighth Getzy Ruby autograph from the inaugural release of Panini's excellent Dominion high-end treat. I now have 16% of the print-run for these Ruby /50 John Hancocks, which is pretty cool.

Early Bisons! These minis - the black border and regular back A&G offerings - come from the 2007 release of Ginter. It's Kemp's first appearance in Allen & Ginter and I'm happy to finally have these beauts in-hand and part of my Mattycakes' PC.

Finally, a brand new Kersh from 2013 Bowman. It's the orange (I presume) parallel and is numbered 002/250. Kudos to Topps on an awesome shot of Clayton.

Oh, and this was on the back of the 1949 photo. It's probably not Rosen's signature based on what I know his auto to look like (the R is just completely wrong) but who knows. He could have signed this decades ago.

As always, I greatly appreciate the fantastic trade Dennis! I hope you enjoy the cards that will soon arrive in your neck of the woods!

Brie Buddies For Life!


  1. That's funny, I didn't notice the writing on the back of that one! Thanks again for the great trade, Brie Brother.

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