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Friday, January 3, 2014

If I Had a Baseball Hall of Fame Vote: My 10-Deep 2014 IBWAA HOF Ballot.

Here's the ballot I submitted to the IBWAA for the 2014 Hall of Fame class.

Jeff Bagwell
Craig Biggio
Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Greg Maddux
Edgar Martinez
Curt Schilling
Frank Thomas
Alan Trammell
Larry Walker

I would have voted for more candidates if allowed, as there are easily in excess of ten HOFers on this year's ballot. The ten I selected are all clear HOFers to me, and the guys who aren't first-year players should have been in long ago.


  1. whoa.
    Somehow you forgot Tom Glavine and accidently put in Bagwell, Biggio, Bonds, Thomas, Trammel, Walker and Martinez.
    A DH?!??!!! No dh should ever be considered. Ever.
    Glavine and Clemens have very similar numbers except for strike outs. And Glavine never juiced.
    So maybe put him in before Clemens too.

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  3. @Captain Canuck - No DH? You must be tipsy on maple syrup my Canadian friend.

    Martinez was the best at his position in his day. His 7 All-Star appearances, 5 Silver Slugger awards and 2 batting titles are more than enough for consideration.

    If a DH can't get in, we might as well ban closers and relievers as well, cause, you know, they don't play "the whole game". Oh, and while we're at it, we can keep kickers out of the NFL HoF, oh and goalies for the NHL, cause they don't skate as much.

    "Sorry Mariano Rivera, you can't be in the Hall because you only pitched one inning a game. No, no, I'm sorry, your plethora of accomplishments mean nothing because you didn't play every inning."

    /sarcasm. You see how ridiculous that sounds?

    Greg's list is nearly identical to my own imaginary one.

  4. Wow, we rarely agree when it comes to baseball Mr. Sabermetrics, but I think we have to agree here. My only switch would be Fred McGriff instead of Curt Schilling.

    As far as the no DH thing. Forget about closers, should any AL pitcher get in? American League pitchers only play half the game just like a DH. Edgar Martinez and Frank Thomas both deserve to be in.

  5. I am just shocked Greg didn't write in Trout.


  6. @Captain Canuck

    Where is Glavine's "not positive" drug test?

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah... Enought HOF stuff. I want to hear more about saving money on overpriced razors. Alex, please tell me more! I'm definately tired of spending too much on razors.

  8. I'm with ND... let's talk about razors. Who cares about The Professor, The Big Hurt, and The Canadian Clubber? I'm absolutely fascinated by razors... especially cheap ones.

  9. If Piazza ain't in, you might as well close the place down for good. He certainly has to go in ahead of Walker and Martinez, who are borderline at best.

  10. Stubby- Piazza was voted in by the IBWAA last year, and he of course got my vote. So....yeah, I could have mentioned that. :o

    Canuck- Glavine's FIP, 3.95; Clemens is in at 3.09. He fanned far more and walked less per nine. A far superior pitcher.

    Schilling > Mussina > Glavine > Morris. Curt and Moose and very close.

    Jeff- I so wanted to, just for you. ;)