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Friday, January 24, 2014

When Matt Kemp Met Willie Mays.

I've wanted to add the below beauty to my Matt Kemp Collection since I first saw it existed almost two years ago. The price was never anywhere near reasonable, but time generally cures all. One of my favorite eBay sellers had this listed and I decided to take one shot at it.

Thankfully, my bid of just over a blaster held up and this fantastic piece of cardboard featuring dueling bat relics - numbered 10/50 - was mine. Timeless Talents is an apt name for a subset and I really enjoy the pairing of Kemp with an all-time great Hall of Famer like Willie Mays.

And look, a real-life encounter between the two!


Pirates Treasure Room said...

That is an incredible piece of cardboard. Congrats on the newest edition to your Bison collection

arpsmith said...

Dang, that is an amazing card and I would have pulled the trigger for just over a blaster had I seen it for the Giants collection. Great pickup!

Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks gents!