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Friday, January 24, 2014

When Matt Kemp Met Willie Mays.

I've wanted to add the below beauty to my Matt Kemp Collection since I first saw it existed almost two years ago. The price was never anywhere near reasonable, but time generally cures all. One of my favorite eBay sellers had this listed and I decided to take one shot at it.

Thankfully, my bid of just over a blaster held up and this fantastic piece of cardboard featuring dueling bat relics - numbered 10/50 - was mine. Timeless Talents is an apt name for a subset and I really enjoy the pairing of Kemp with an all-time great Hall of Famer like Willie Mays.

And look, a real-life encounter between the two!


  1. That is an incredible piece of cardboard. Congrats on the newest edition to your Bison collection

  2. Dang, that is an amazing card and I would have pulled the trigger for just over a blaster had I seen it for the Giants collection. Great pickup!