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Thursday, February 6, 2014

So I Might Be The Biggest and Only Jonathan Broxton Fan.

Jonathan Broxton is one of my all-time favorite Dodgers, and that will remain the case for the rest of my days. I dislike people hating him based on a couple of postseason outings. He's one of the most dominant relievers in franchise history, whiffing 11.5/9 IP and recording three Ks for every walk while in Dodger Blue.

I've long been after a printing plate of Big Jon and this Magenta beauty from one of my favorite eBay sellers hit the spot at under half a blaster. The wear and tear on it and great action shot are very cool.


JediJeff said...

That's how a printing plate should look - all beat up and used.

Matthew Scott said...

During his short peak he was unhittable. Always fun to watch a guy throw that hard. You know it is coming but you still can't hit it.

Alex Markle said...
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Alex Markle said...

Thank god. Now I know I am not the only Broxton fan.

Greg Zakwin said...

Matthew- He was a BEAST before Joe Torre wrecked his arm by basically making him a starting pitcher.

Alex- Happy to have another member of the Big Jon Fan Club!