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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My "First" 1/1 White Whale: Russell Martin 2008 Topps Triple Threads

In my roughly four years of collecting, I've been fortunate enough to land numerous White Whales which will forever call my collection home. However, it was not until mid-January of this year that I finally acquired an actual White Whale from Topps Triple Threads that fits nicely into one of my main PCs.

Mr. Russell Martin hails from 2008 Triple Threads and was had for a ridiculously good price. The card features two white jersey swatches as well as a combination white swatch/blue logo patch piece with some nifty stitching. I don't actively chase White Whales from Triple Threads and prefer the term to represent a White Whale like my chase and capture of Roy Campanella's 1950 Bowman card, but I have to call them as Topps labels them. After putting $12.67 in eBay Bucks towards the purchase, I had to shell out a measly $13.33 to obtain my 15th Martin 1/1.


  1. Great card.
    God I love eBay bucks.
    My April is going to be crazy as I kept buying things on the 4X pts days.
    = )